missed out on visiting the farm in December, instead we spent time at the coast near Knysna. This gave me opportunity to test out the new photographic equipment I purchased - a from Dad to Dad gift. I bought a Hitech Pro 10 stop Neutral Density filter with two graduated filters - 0.9 and 0.6 density. Since buying them I've just never had a good opportunity to test them properly. Well holiday at the coast is the perfect place with time on hand and plenty of scenic beach to explore. Then you have to wait for that magnificent sunset or sunrise..... and wait and wait.

I eventually got out on a promising day lots of cloud at 7 in the evening. I arrived at the spot and it was pouring with rain. I toyed with the idea of leaving but decided to stay, what the heck. The wait was rewarded with this amazing display of light. I just wish I could get to the point at Gericke's, but I did not have rain protection for my gear (gift idea!)


Reversed ND 0.9 filter on the 17mm. Shot at 17mm, f14 exp 0.8sec

I still battled to get a good photo with the 10-stop filter, certainly not a matter of slapping onto the front of the lens and firing away! One has to do a million things before you can release the shutter. Forget one simple step like closing the view finder and the shot is ruined. There is a steep learning curve lying ahead but I'm looking forward to it.

Hitech Pro 10-stop. Shot at 17mm, f13, exp 30 sec