What a weekend! My wife came back from a 10 day business trip to Bangkok amongst all the political turmoil. That is one place I really have to go back to for some street photography! We did not spend time on the farm, we first enjoyed mom being back at home then visited friends on a farm close to ours but with something completely different on offer. The farm specialises in the breeding of rare species like disease free Cape buffalo (free of bovine tuberculosis and foot-and-mouth disease) and Sable antelope. Not everyone’s cup of tea but one way of ensuring the survival of the species. It was difficult to get good photos in such conditions. The animals are in smallish camps and receive a supplementary feed so there are always man made objects in the frame. I went for a walk and was lucky enough to come across this fellow walking towards me and just continue walking. I got down low, the sun was behind my back and the moment it checked itself in mid stride there was a glint in the eye to make this photo. Good thing it wasn’t a Buffalo bull.