The countdown to the Soccer World Cup has now reached the point where the timer is running empty as fast as the one in a 30 Seconds game. Reading through the various web posts I can sense the excitement of the fans coming to South Africa. I don’t think we really know what is about to hit us. We will be consumed by the passion for the beautiful game.

This photo was taken while leaving Loftus in Pretoria, after the last rugby union game at this venue until after the Soccer World Cup. The light wasn’t good I really needed a tripod to get the tower with soccer ball sharp. This was only a grab shot as we walked back to our car. But I missed something, my IS was switched OFF and it would have given me a better image in this situation! Lesson learned always do a once over check of all settings on the camera and lens before starting out.


  • Dial setting, I always have it on AV (aperture priority) for a quick shot.
  • Aperture
  • ISO
  • White Balance


  • IS on or off if you are using a tripod?
  • On telephoto lenses check the type of IS as well.
  • Auto focus on?