The WORLD CUP has kicked off in South Africa. We celebrated the day with our staff here on the farm, they all joined us for the Bafana Bafana vs Mexico game - fortunately the guests only arrived the next day. Wow what a start I was completely stoked after such a close draw - BRING IT ON!

We survived the first wave of attack! J Yes the English arrived on Saturday for the first 2010 Soccer World Cup game at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium. It was our first night fully booked, in fact my wife and I gave up our room, so we were overflowing. It was great sharing in the excitement and hype of the fans and to top it all I got invited to take the Manners group to the stadium. For my efforts I got a ticket to the match. This was by all accounts the biggest thing to hit the “Rusty Dusty” in its history. We got to the "Park and Ride" and it was full to capacity with plenty of cars still queing. Luckily (excuse the pun) I did the trip to Lucky’s Pub & Grill the week before and with the inside knowledge got us parked close to the stadium. A quick beer for the visitors to experience one of the most famous pubs in North West and we were off to the stadium.

As you approached the stadium one could feel the buzz of excitement. Getting in was a breeze, no long queues and great visible security. This was after all one of the games supposedly targeted by terrorists. Thousands of colourful fans were streaming into the bowl, with an amazing enough large contingent of Americans. The atmosphere inside was electric and I sure am thankful to John, Ian, Nick and Ludwig that I could share it with them.

Unfortunately the result was not the one the English fans wanted. The Park and Ride added to their frustration as it took some guests a long time to get out and back to the farm. I waited up and made sure all got back OK, and for my troubles got detailed match analysis from about 10 fans at 2am. Everyone woke up famished J and tucked into the farm breakfast and continued the match analysis.

Rich, Damon and Gavin joined us for an extra night – the 3 we gave our room to. Super bunch of guys I really hope you have an excellent trip and great time in South Africa!