It was an interesting weekend, not much time for photo's as I spent Saturday in the bush as a hunting guide. As with all new things in life it was a learning experience. Normally I'm the hunter with a guide accompanying me. Our hunting rules on the farm is based on ethical hunting fundamentals and yes it may seem cruel but I'm not going to defend hunting here. I believe in it and the sustainable use of wild animals. One of the rules is no hunting from vehicles as we do not want to associate vehicles with danger. On Sunday morning the guests saw all the farm's animals on a game drive even after Saturday's hunt which removed some excess male impala and wildebeest.

Our hunting party consisted of one hunter and 3 interested and eager supporters. Trying to keep 5 people concealed and unnoticed is not an easy task. In future I would strongly advise against it but the client wanted it. We did not get our impala ram at the end of the day, there were a couple of missed chances on sme magnificent rams. That is the way I like it both predator and prey having a chance.

The Australian Soccer World Cup team is arriving in South Africa today, with the number one team Brazil tommorrow - will they still be at the end of the tournament? The exitement is mounting.