This is a very late report back on the weekend. I did not spend it on this farm, we slipped away to another farm in another province this time. I took my dad up to his farm near Alldays and popped into Mapungubwe on the Sunday. The weather wasn’t perfect for photography, overcast with intermittent rain and no sun not even a sunset. Mapungubwe does have great possibilities for the photographer – landscape, animals and birds-some of the bird species are regional and the Limpopo is their southern most range. That is why this area is critical to be conserved and not be opened to Coal Mining (Object to Vele Coal mine). I realise this does offer more opportunities for the locals to get rich quicker and join the 21st century, but a quick drive down to the Mpumalanga coal fields helps one to realise that it will be another ENVIRONMENTAL disaster. The reserve is the only sustainable solution (for generations to come) for the people of this remote part of South Africa.

The whole area had been blessed with good rains about 3 weeks ago which resulted in a spectacle of flowers and budding trees in autumn! This is a very arid part of South Africa and we’ve had winters in the recent past when animals died from hunger to weak to feed on the trucked in food. It was a joy to behold this place transformed and the abundance in the veldt.