We departed for the farm on Friday in a rush, I had some preconceived ideas about a few shots I wanted to get. Unfortunately the sun waits for no one and I missed them. Saturday morning I was out accompanying a hunter on a hunt again. We had a great morning, we found a herd of impala and watched them for 15 minutes, without them knowing we were there. Initially there was no clear shot as the impala grouped and did not present a safe clear shot - being an ethical hunter one never takes a chance of injuring an animal.

A good thing we waited because I noted a movement in the thick bush behind the impala. It was bigger and not the same red as impala, it was the herd of eland moving silently with the impala. They sometimes feed together for the benefit of the additional eyes and ears of the impala herds. The eland are not on the hunting list as their numbers have not increased since we bought them. We tragically lost two in poacher snares a very cruel and inhuman killing method.

Bath time

The hunt finished without an animal in the bag, but I sincerely believe one Saturday morning is not enough to get a wild animal on foot, without risking a bad shot. I thoroughly enjoyed the time in the bush as always and got 2 new ticks for my farm bird list - a Gabar goshawk (http://www.biodiversityexplorer.org/birds/accipitridae/melierax_gabar.htm) and Burchells Cuckoo. The landscape photo's will have to wait untill another weekend, the one I share with you was taken 5 minutes too late.

The lodge is almost booked out for the 12th of June, seems to be mostly English team supporters – are they the team with the biggest supporting group!? Well in that case they would certainly stand a good chance of taking the cup.